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We’re one day away from the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and Team Gale is raring and ready to go! With images likely to come out with Sunday’s teaser trailer, we’ve been rushing to get everything set for a release. Featuring all the images available of Gale Hawthorne, Team Gale allows you to rate and comment on all the images.

View the galleries to get a quick snapshot of all the images available. All images are clickable and will bring up a full sized lightbox image that resizes to your browser window. Follow us on Twitter @TeamGaleOrg to get updates whenever we add new media!


  1. Marie -  

    OMG!!! Liam is sooo sexy in this movie and i can’t wait to see his lips when he kisses Jennifer in “Catching Fire” next November!!! He just looks so sad when he sees Jennifer and Josh kiss; i almost cry. He also looked so brave when he carried Prim away! Uhhhhh I’m gonna buy the movie the day it comes out and watch it as soon as i get home that day!!!

    28, March 2012, 1:38am  -  Reply →
  2. Team Gale 4Ever!!! -  

    “The Hunger Games was incredibly awesome!!!!! It was very detailed and i just wish that they would show a little more killling & they would match up with the book a little bit more (but i guess that would make the movie longer idk)… :)

    28, March 2012, 1:41am  -  Reply →

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